Posted by: goatberg | February 12, 2008

Off The Grid w/ Survivorman Les Stroud

I recently stumbled upon Off The Grid, Les Stroud’s 90 minute special from November about a year he spent with his family struggling to set up a life off-the-grid in Ontario that includes a bit a of dithering and some thoughts on “North America’s biggest addiction: electricty.”   Sorry, oil.  Stroud – musician, film-maker, and survivalist extraordinaire – is the star of the highly entertaining Science Channel show, Survivorman, in which he proves himself TV’s best survivalist.  Sorry, Bear.  The video probably won’t last long on Google Vid since it’s up there illegally, so watch it while it’s hot if you’re interested.  And if you think off-the-grid living is only for hippies and whackos, well, tell that to President W. and his old friend from the Rangers, Richard Rainwater.  (As far as the reasoning behind Crawford being off-grid is concerned, that’s another subject entirely.)  And now, here’s Les: 


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