Posted by: goatberg | March 5, 2008

Dr. Art – The Singing Scientist

Art Siebens taught biology at my high school. I never actually had him, but his bio-songs were legendary, and so his face and persona stand out in my memory. Recaps of his in-class performances were hard to miss in the halls. Now you can hear clips of a few songs and even buy his CDs on his website, and “sing your way to an ‘A’ in biology.” Here’s a CD review excerpt from The American Biology Teacher in 2001 that highlights his subtle titling abilities:

Dr. Art – The Singing Scientist is actually Dr. Arthur W. Siebens, a biology teacher in the Washington, DC public schools. For many years he has put biological concepts to music and sung the songs for his students. Now these songs are available on a CD-ROM. All of the 15 songs on the CD are written and performed by Dr. Art. A few of the songs are sung to original melodies, but most are familiar tunes such as “Chains,” “La Bamba,” and even “Parigi, o cara” from La Traviata. Bio-Rhythms I includes songs written primarily for introductory biology students, but they would be useful for AP or college students as a great way to reinforce core concepts. Bio-Rhythms I includes the songs: “A Singing Summary of Biotechnology,” “Every Body’s Made From Cells,” “Chains,” “Those Magic Membranes,” “Glucose,” and “Christmas and Biology.” Bio-Rhythms II includes: “Enzymes,” “Replication,” “Amino Acids Are Surrendered,” “Wonder Why Operons,” “The Cell Cycle Rap,” “Meiosis All Rapped Up,” “Respiration: What Goes in, What Comes Out,” “Photosynthesis,” and “Do You Know How Much I Miss You?” Although most of the songs in Bio-rhythms II are clearly at the AP/ college level, “The Cell Cycle Rap” and “Meiosis All Rapped Up” are very appropriate for introductory high school biology students.



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