Posted by: goatberg | March 5, 2008

Israeli Academic says Moses was Tripping

Controversy! Could it be that one of the most definitive moments in the spiritual and religious evolution of Judeo-Christian man took place in the presence of plant psychedelics? Can one well-placed scholar claim for his own an assertion that has doubtlessly been made by millions of teenagers in the throes of altered states? In light of the news that Moses may have been intoxicated by a psychedelic acacia tree, is it impossible to avoid a Pink Floyd reference and cheap pot jokes? I can only offer an answer to one of these questions: Yes. Impossible.



  1. Hi,
    It’s kinda hard to tell if you’re offended and/or in disbelief over the whole thing…
    Have you read the hypothesis?
    Please take a moment to check out the post about it in my blog- there are a number of other links at the bottom- it’s not just one scholar’s assertion, it’s quite old news revised! 🙂

  2. To be clear, the post was meant to be comical not because I find the hypothesis offensive or unbelievable, but because it’s intuitive to most people who are experienced and educated about plant psychedelics. I am of the position (of course it’s a speculative position only) that the root of all religion lies in the profound mind-states induced by psychoactive plants. To me, this idea that Moses was tripping has comic value; it’s funny to imagine the hundreds of thousands who have come to a similar conclusion while in the midst of altered states, e.g. “Dude, Moses was totally tripping.” I applaud this research. The irreverant tone of the post was aimed at those who reflexively scoff at the notion that plant-psychedelics can answer many questions regarding the roots of spiritual traditions. Thanks for the link, lots of good info on your blog regarding this research. Best.

  3. HAHA… thanks… 🙂
    I kinda realized that after having a bit more of a squizz around here…
    Nice blog here too… hope you enjoy the linkage!

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