Posted by: goatberg | March 7, 2008

Four Links For Friday

The Peak Oil Crises: Polity on Trial

The fate of most of the world’s peoples is going to depend on how well we, as societies – here and around the world – get our collective acts together over the coming decades and organize to survive the transition to a post-oil world. Link.

The Internet Is Changing the Scientific Method

“There is an enormous success story for Science 1.0,” Ben Shneiderman, a University of Maryland computer science professor said. “But the Internet is changing both the methods we use and the things we need to study. The challenge for the next 400 years is to understand how trust and empathy work.” Link.

The Crude Fact

If peak oil hits, and the slumbering industry awakens from its endemic over-optimism – in the west and in producing countries alike – what do we do if the producers start keeping their fast-dwindling resources in order to power up their own fast-expanding economies? An oil shock then risks turning into an energy famine. Link.

Animal Art. Specifically Elephant.

If other species do start producing fine art, I’d expect elephants to be at the front of the line. But we have no idea what’s going on in this elephant’s brain, because the narrator doesn’t ask any of the right questions – the most salient being does the elephant intend to represent anything? Link.


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