Posted by: goatberg | March 17, 2008

Big Dog: Robot Mule

At Wired’s Danger Room blog Noah Shachtman writes:

BigDog, the alarming life-like, four-legged robot, is back in action.  And this time, it’s trudging through snow, marching up hills, and picking itself up after slipping on some ice.

The machine has always been surefooted — staying on his feet after swift kicks to the flank.  But the Pentagon-funded ‘bot is getting stronger, and more resilient.  It’s now carrying a 340 pound payload, up from 150 pounds before.   Which means the military’s goal, of giving soldiers a robotic pack mule, to haul around their gear, is getting closer.

The video is incredible.  It can even gallop!  Sort of:

I like to imagine evolved versions of these robots following helmeted settlers over the dunes and mountains of Mars as we establish colonies there centuries in the future.  Seems like before the military puts these to use something has to be done about all the noise. 


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