Posted by: goatberg | March 23, 2008

Sunday Videos

This week: Optical Illusions

The Dragon Illusion

This is the hollow face illusion, there are a bunch of examples of this on youtube. This guy also demonstrates his Einstein hollow head illusion here.


The Castle

This one is very effective – you’ll be looking at a black and white photo but seeing vivid colors.


The Time Fountain

I want one. From the description: “This device creates the illusion that a simple stream of water droplets can defy the known laws of physics. By controlling a set of flickering LEDs, the dripping water can appear to slow down, freeze in mid-air, and even reverse in direction. This illusion exists because the brain attempts to fill in the gaps between flashes with its anticipated motion. It is the same reason that your brain interprets the 24 frames/second of a movie to be in-motion, rather than recognizing the individual still frames .”


Seeing Jesus

This type of illusion in which you stare at a spot in the center of an image for half a minute and then see that image on any blank surface is very popular on youtube. I like this one because it provides a blank surface for you. Don’t forget to blink if you don’t see Jesus.


Jerry Andress on Bill Nye

A few demonstrations of classic optical illusions from the Science Guy’s brain episode.


Two more links:

First, a hometown favorite at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden that demonstrates the hollow face principle again.

Finally, a very tricky illusion that I would’ve embedded if I could. It may take a while to get it, but when you do see the figure spinning counter-clockwise it’s quite baffling and impressive.


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