Posted by: goatberg | March 24, 2008

McKenna Monday

Today: a short excerpt from  a 1997 radio interview.  From the last bit, part 6

 The interviewer asks: “What after 2012?”

Terence: Well, I’m a rationalist, so I would bet against my own wrap.  The world has always had street corner prophets bawling out their strange despair.  I have to be intellectually honest with my own experience, and so I will advocate this idea of an enormous transformative event in 2012, but as a rationalist and a scientist I’m skeptical myself; I don’t want to slip into religion and prophecy, there are enough bizarre cults in the world. 

On the other hand this thing seems to have the force of self-fulfilling prophecy, so if I’m right (or right enough) then what’s happening is all of our problems are coming down upon us at once at the same time that all this creativity is being unleashed at once.  I don’t think that primates really get traction until the going gets very, very tough.  So I think enough of the old guard are dying out and the voice of youth is now rising in strength to the point where over the next ten years or so we are really going to deal – we’re going to have to deal – with putting this planet on a saner course; dealing with issues of resource extraction, human rights, environmental destruction.  The big political issue ahead of us all is that we have to get rid of this monster we’ve unleashed called consumer capitalism.  We all have become thing addicted.  We all have become victims of the incredible marketing and sophistication of big time consumer capitalism.  We can run the earth to ruin if we let this go uncriticized. 

Psychedelics ultimately provide an impulse for political dialogue and reform, if they don’t do that they’re just another hedonistic self-indulgence.  So I think what we may need to do is not worry about the built in schedules of novelty and transformation, act as though the responsibility for the future rested on our soldiers, and work to build a sense of community and environmental concern so that if, in fact, there isn’t a built-in springboard into hyperspace, we will be able to live on this planet in peace, dignity, and health, for however much time the vicissitudes of fate and history give us. 


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