Posted by: goatberg | March 31, 2008

McKenna Monday

From the Psychedelic Salon # 126, minute 22-ish.

In this part of the trialogue McKenna is reflecting on the rise of digital media and the decline of print media and it’s effect on our economic model, especially in regard to McLuhan’s ideas about digital culture.

Money, as understood by moderns, is almost entirely a print created phenomenon. Before the invention of the printing press, money was something that you hid under your mattress. Now money is this completely abstract medium that is moved around by electronic banking transfer and investment capitalism and this sort of thing, and it has become, like the concept of the citizen, a way to uniform-ize all the complex spectrum of phenomena down to a single variable: money. And so the world of print is the world based on money. Now the computer is very able to insinuate itself into that environment and build on it, but that is not the natural millieu of the computer. The natural millieu of the computer is information, which is very different from money. Money is a downloading of compelxity into a kind of medium of exquisite simplicity. Information is an exploding of the apparent here and now into a much more multi-dimensional domain that can only be grokked intuitively, that can only be grokked through feeling.

So the abandonment of money and the substitution of information as a medium of exchange is having a feminizing, psychedelicizing, and visually-enhancing effect on our values and the direction that society is going. And this is all happening without planning, I think; this is the hidden agenda of the technologies that we imagine we can manipulate and appropriate without being re-infected by the hidden effects that they carry. But of course this is not true at all; we are completely now infected by these hidden assumptions.



  1. “ICONS” a song on my page was inspired by Terence Mckenna, I use his voice but alter it in pitch and add some FX… it turned out pretty cool. What a mind and spirit is Terence!

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